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Do People Really Not Want to see the Happier More Successful Side of Indian Country?

Indian Country is many many things, many people’s, nations, environments. Some very rich and some very poor. I have been fortunate to spend time with many people from many Nations within Indian Country. The diversity is immense but the one thing that is most consistent and that is the humor.

Yet it is interesting to me that with the work that I have out there, the most positive DVD release, The Hub, with 13 episodes where 3 presenters from Indian Country visit with the best in the arts and entertainment scene from those many nations, has been by far my least successful release to date. It is a fun, fun show and gets a great reception from those I’ve spoken to who have watched it. For years I’d had people practically screaming to see something made celebrating Indian Countries many successes not just showing the hardships in many areas. And yet The Hub has sold a miniscule amount on DVD in the 3 months it has been out.

Compared to my movie Rez Bomb which is a dark love story/Thriller and my in depth documentary A Thunder-Being Nation made over 13 years about Pine Ridge about it’s past and present, The Hub is incredibly upbeat, vibrant and inspirational. I am just mystified that people aren’t clamouring for it. Especially as we have an all star group of people in the episodes.

Maybe the sad truth is that people are gravitating more to the harsher reality rather than celebrating those that are most actively going out and trying to create a paradigm shift for Indian Country. These individuals need support and encouragement as they are pathfinders. Also this show can inspire youth in Indian Country to see great new possibilities through being inspired by our guests.

In 3 months I’ve sold less DVD’s online than there are guests in the show. There is no point complaining about lack of positive shows being made if you don’t support them when they are made. With more audience support we could make season after season but as it stands the show will end with season one which would be sad as it would just get better and better.

Help get the word out please so a wider audience can get beyond the stereotypes and see the real diversity and talent from Indian Country.

More info on the series is available through the link at the top of the page.

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2 thoughts on “Do People Really Not Want to see the Happier More Successful Side of Indian Country?

  1. Red Haircrow

    Yes, and I deal with it all the time, especially here in Europe. They often want you to be stereotypical replicas of 200 years ago, so it can fulfill their fantasies and imaginings. They do not like you or outright reject you if you are dressed in modern clothing, may have a “modern” profession, and rebuke you if you do not only work in “traditional” roles as a singer, dancer, or something similar. They don’t get that we are not compartmentalized like that. I am a publisher, a psycho-therapist but I know my culture, traditions, history, dances, songs, etc. but I don’t have to or will display them on demand just because they want me to.

    Many want to think of us only as “past tense” because it is easier for them. In that way, they may not feel any need to try to help or contribute to causes, or even just acknowledge the long wrongs done without the benefit their being the clause: “Those people are no more”, so they won’t feel guilty/obliged to do anything now really. Not that we ask that. Just be honest.

    In Europe, such as in the article I wrote publish in Indian Country Today Media Network, there are so many European non-native hobbyists who feel they have read enough books, bought enough true regalia sold online or they learn how to make it, and they feel they are demonstrating native life because it is failing due to so many issues among real natives. That is one cause, but also some just want to copy another culture because they’ve lost or don’t feel comfortable in their own, or they just want to copy for amusement.

    Those especially don’t want to see successful natives. They just want to focus on the past, and/or focus on what they want to present.

  2. StevenLewisSimpson Post author

    thanks so much for sharing. It is very sad as they are trapped in a fantasy land. Indian Country today has so many stunning things to offer. The contemporary art scene is amazing as is the traditional art scene. I have friends doing amazing business ventures and community projects. Our show was to celebrate those forging ahead.

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