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Do you know of any good American Indian gift stores/retailers and reservation stores?

We are looking to expand the list of retailers carrying Rez Bomb as it has been selling very well through a number of specialist American Indian stores and stores on reservations including video rental stores. The more targeted our marketing has been within these communities the stronger the sales and feedback has been.

So we’d appreciate anyone recommending such stores and retailers to us so we can contact them to see if they’d be interested in carrying the title. It doesn’t have to be somewhere that is already selling DVD’s as some of our best retailers have been reservation stores that we’re the only title they sell. Also gift shops in reservation casino’s also interest us. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The same goes for any online stores you can think of.

The film has sold the most on Pine Ridge itself and is on sale and Lil Angels, Bob’s video and the OLC all in Kyle as well as the Procupine Trading post and the Heritage center shop at Red Cloud school. This is adding to Big Bats where we’ve sold a bundle, and a video store in Martin as well as the Antlers in Rushville, Mr Movies in Chadron and Prairie Edge in Rapid.


6 thoughts on “Do you know of any good American Indian gift stores/retailers and reservation stores?

  1. Barbara Rose Calzado

    I live in Wa, and I really appreciate the Muckleshoot Tribe, they hold the largest Local pow wows and allow my family the honor to vend at their pow.wows. Also the Tulalip Tribe is quite developed economically, And lets not forget our faithful Warm Spring Oregonians. My best friend is from that rez, also there are the B.I.A boarding school libraries. And Green River Community college has a fantastic Video Media Selection your film would only make it better! Just look up and print out all the tribes and your film will spread like wild fire! We call it the Indian Grapevine. Try it!

  2. Barbara Rose Calzado

    Oh and I forgot to tell you, about United Indians of all tribes Foundation, they are a wonderful resource and do a lot of personal development/resource development for the Indian Community here in Seattle and World wide. Once I get my copy I will send out my raves to my 500+ Relatives, that should give your sales a boost!

  3. Ervin Dufour

    I’d have to comply with you one this subject. Which is not something I typically do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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