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You know Jamie Foxx’s statement the other night about Michael Jackson “We want to celebrate this black man. He belongs to us, and we shared him with everyone else.” really pissed me off because of its absolute stupidity. The Beatles belonged to the white British but they decided to share them with the world would be an equally dumb statement.

Isn’t it about time we all got passed being so color centric? Then Al Sharpton opens his mouth about how Michael Jackson paved the way for other black Americans like Oprah, Obama and Tiger Woods. Well for starters Tiger Woods is 25% of African origin (not that it matters) and is 50% Asian. So technically he is more Asian American than African so did Bruce Lee (who was born in the USA by the way) pave the way for Tiger Woods? Of course not. Every which way it is a dumb statement.

Not that people haven’t been pathfinders and broken down racial barriers like Bruce Lee who broke down a huge racial barrier for Asians in Hollywood. Muhammad Ali redefined the barriers globally too. And the African American community laying claim to Obama is an odd one to since he is so clearly a remarkable individual creation of an African father and white mother and brought up by a white family and in part an Indonesian step father. The majority of his upbringing was far removed from an African Amercian cultural experience. Not that it should matter.

The irony is that Obama’s father was African and not African American and if in America today he would probably find that the shit he would get in the US today would be from African Americans and not any other race. It is not something you ever hear discussed but I have regularly heard from African friends and my sensational ex. gf. who is African that the only people they ever get racially hassled by is African Americans. Apparently it is always black cops pulling over wealthy Africans in Washington DC for example. I have a friend living in LA who is black and from Manchester, England who told me the only people she gets attitude from are African Americans who react like “who do you think you are?” because she has an English accent like she is some sell out phoney.

It seems sad and absurd that communities are so trying to appropriate individuals and define them by their skin color. If I had a child with my last love then that child would have been as black as Obama and twice that of Tiger Woods. Not that it should ever matter. I wouldn’t want that child to be appropriated by the white community the black community the Scottish community the Ethiopian community or whatever country the child was born in. I’d want to word to look at that child as a human being like the rest of us. A human like Michael Jackson, or Bruce Lee or Ali or Crazy Horse or John Lennon or whoever.

Jamie Foxx’s comment pissed me off because it was plain dumb and the majority of people hearing it know it. I watched Chris Rock in a televised concert last night and his brilliance and enlightenment is light years ahead in evolution than that of Foxx. It feels like there are so many commentators on society these days (and even I am pitching in now) and yet so few have the extraordinary way or breaking down their absurdities they way that Chris Rock does. That man just gets it and it goes so far beyond humor. Though it is interesting how Jamie Foxx makes a dumb comment and its on the news for analysis and yet Chris Rock reels off endless provocative insights into a dozen hot button issues of the day and nobody brings it up in the media. Intelligent discussion in beyond the realm of the media but sensationalism is its bread and butter.

Oh and Chris Rock is about the only one who puts things in perspective by talking about the fact that in the pecking order about the racial shit people go through that the American Indian gets the worst deal.

Do yourself a favour and go onto youtube for a bit and hopefully there’s a lot of Chris Rock’s routines there


103 thoughts on “My most popular blog of 2009 DUMBASS COMMENTS FROM JAMIE FOXX V'S THE BRILLIANCE OF CHRIS ROCK

  1. Feef

    While you are entitled to your opinion, I feel that you are misinformed. I am unsure if you grew up during the 1980’s, but I do not recall the 1980’s being very fun. As a child, I remember facing a lot of discrimination in the 1980’s for being different as an ethnic minority in the USA (people assumed that I was Mexican instead of inquiring to find out my cultural background), and Michael Jackson became a role model for me about how one has to be an extraordinary genius in order for prejudice to be overcome. Over time, even in recent experiences in the 2000’s, I have realized that the ethnic majority will usually band together and isolate the different person. I have not a clue about whether this behavior is intentional or not. The only way for the different person to overcome such a barrier is to perform extraordinarily compared to the majority of the people competing for the same job, resources, etc. In facing this reality about human nature, I learned what it meant to honor myself, i.e. I have to make the choice to act in ways that bring honor to life (my life and the life of others). I saw that as a minority, obtaining the power to overcome the barriers of prejudice was not going to be easy. I could have stayed comfortable and decided to never venture out and risk physical, mental and emotional hits upon me for being different. However, I also felt a tremendous responsibility to be fiercer than the fear that could hold me, the people related to me and the people with my community into complacency. I therefore decided to risk my personal safety by venturing outside of the comfort zone of my family and community and learn as much as I can about the world outside of my family and community while gaining the skills to be as fierce a competitor as I can be in the human world rather than just among the people of my community. I was raised that in my tribe, a leader rises through his/her love for his/her own people. There came a point when I decided to venture outside of my community to be as competitive as I can be outside of our community that I realized that I am no longer acting just as an individual, but I am acting as a representative of the family and the community which raised me. Whether I accept it or not, people can attribute positive or negative stereotypes about my community based on my actions. Whether or not one intentionally takes on the role of being a representative of a group of people, one does not have control over how people outside the group make judgements about the group who is supposed to be represented. One just controls his/her reaction to the judgements. Jamie Foxx can just be meaning that he embraces Michael Jackson as a role model and representative of his community, i.e. Black people who were born and raised in the USA. It has not been fun to be raised as a brown person in the USA. The 1980’s were not fun and there are still people around who taunt me for not being good enough because affirmative action likely just created a situation where unqualified minorities get advantages in education and jobs that we apparently should not have. Mind you, a brown person born in the USA was considered lazy and/or complacent trash when I was growing up (and I still see evidence of such assessments to this day) while a brown person who immigrated to the USA was considered a hero because he/she must have had to overcome such great obstacles in order to come to the USA and be as competitive as the White people in the USA. I can feel for Jamie Foxx. I am an Indian woman who accepts a responsibility to be as competitive as I can be outside of my community in order to pave the way for generations after me to be competitive contributors to science and technology in the world. Sometimes when I mess up, I feel that I have not just messed up for myself, but I have messed up for a whole community of people who are also just trying to survive in this world. Before MTV showed Michael Jackson, there were many stellar and legendary Black artists producing music. Michael Jackson, however, became that force, became that passionate person, became that talent, which simply could not be denied. For that, he is a role model for those of us who experienced prejudice to be just as forceful, just as passionate and be just as talented to overcome the barriers of prejudice.

  2. steve Post author

    Hi Feef

    I am honored that you should respond to my posting in such a deep and meaningful way and I truly understand the sentiment behind it. For me my problem with Jamie Foxx’s comment is that it didn’t come from that place and as a statement it just doesn’t make sense other than ultimately being divisive. Michael Jackson gave himself to the world not a racial group and sacrificed himself for the love of his art and talent.

    You’re posting made it clear how much he resonated to others. I grew up in the 80’s and remember how much I listened to thriller. But for me when you have a great talent it is the individual giving it to the world. I think here it would be more exciting to celebrate individuals who rose up through their greatness to break the barriers of prejudice. The likes of Sidney Poitier or Bruce Lee or Sammi Davis Jnr, or the great Muhammad Ali (who lets not forget was the most famous man in the world, eclipsing and predating the fame of Michael Jackson). I could not imagine someone in the black community saying Ali belonged to them but they shared him with the world because Ali was and is truly bigger than that. I think Jackson was as well. Foxx’s remark was so much from a US perspective too. I listened to MJ in Scotland as he was in every corner of the world and we couldn’t care less about the color of his skin.

    We are all products of our societies but to reach the levels of greatness people like this reached, they first and foremost are products of themselves.

    Jamie Foxx’s comments were more about a community ego. It is also something that is going on in a wider context where too much emphasis is being made on race by the races themselves. We want to be getting beyond the point of being obsessed with it. Obama is a great man, a brilliant mind and carries himself with balance. Why do we hear about him constantly in terms of race? The fact is he is as black as he is white but is a product of three continents through his formative years.

    I watched a documentary last night where sports legend Jim Brown talked in great disappointment about how Tiger Woods has not gotten involved in civil rights work within the black community. But why should Tiger Woods? I don’t hear the Asian community saying the same or the American Indian community or the Dutch (he is comprised of all these cultures). However he is an amazing role model for everyone in this world over his level of excellence. I would say he is a great representative in how he lives of where we should be in our racial politics. It greatly frustrates me that people just look at the skin color. I mean the Chinese American community are happy enough to get on with life without having to appropriate Tiger Woods into their community even though he is as much of Chinese origin as African.

    That being said I admire anyone who spends their life fighting prejudice, and shining a light on problems. This is why I’ve spent part of my last 10 years working on films about American Indian situations. And I really appreciate it when people from one oppressed minority who look beyond their own situation to highlight that of others. For me Chris Rock does that and advances the dialog whereas Jamie Foxx is winding the clock back. I think his comments disrespected Michael Jackson’s own feelings about this which was to bring everyone together not to separate them.

    Your comments about how much harder it is for people who don’t belong to the majority community was summed up brilliantly by Chris Rock in a show I performance I saw the other night were he talked about how there were four black people living in the area he did. In addition to himself it was Eddie Murphy and a couple of other hugely talented successful stars. He said then his next door neighbor was a white dentist. Not an exceptional dentist just a dentist and that where an ordinary white man lived it took and extra ordinary black person to reach the same area. Chris Rock’s brilliance for me is viewing the full range of a situation and breaking it down from all angles.

    I really greatly appreciate the power of your reply and hope a lot of people read it. So many thanks.

  3. Sonja Teuwen

    I very much appreciate reading this conversation. Bravo!!!!! I only have two small responses to things you’ve said. 1) Chris Rock is a comedian, hence sort of an American fool. The fools in history have been the wise ones but also those that were able to say a lot more than others because when questioned, whatever they said was covered by the ‘joke’ clause. Thus, when I want to hear the news I include the comedy network for all the truths it is able to reveal that the ‘ligit’ news is not able.
    2) Any discrimination, whether gender, racial, class, species, age,etc., and the reactions therefrom, are a result of low self esteem, insecurity, and fear. Unfortunately people are severely hurt and die because of these human flaws.

  4. Sol Fyre


    All I am going to say regarding this post is, kudos for having a discussion and not a rant. And, community ego is historically the next step to a culture whose cultural practices and pride have been systemically taken from them by Europeans. As an insider to the dreadful after effects and affects of these practices, I have to give Jamie Foxx some leeway. It is easy for an outsider to be judgmental towards the Black community in the U.S. especially if you have never been Black in the U.S. Let me say, that our growth and recovery has been slow and painful and we would appreciate it if you didn’t judge us with an outsiders mentality. You may not agree with what is sometimes espoused but it is reflective to the fractured state of our community. Again, historical studies can draw clear parallels to today’s actions within our community to past actions. Again, slow and painful but, our cross to bear and we need no negative judgment from anyone else. Both Chris and Jamie show a fraction of the multitude of intellectual perspectives that reside in the Black community. As an outsider you will choose what suits your sentiments as what should represent us—really this is not your place.

    As for Muhammad Ali, let the record show that he was a Black man and belonged to the Black community although, he was world famous. Let the record historically show that he was very active in the Black movement. He was also a humanitarian but you cannot change the fact that he saw himself as a STRONG BLACK MAN.

    Steve, although you ranted about the stupidity of his statements the reflections of our community are far more complex than what either Jamie Foxx or Chris Rock can ever convey. I can understand your humanist point of view. You call it ego…we call it a long and painful social evolution and cultural reclaiming.

    If you are in doubt, spend sometime reading about Black History (its a lot like Native American History). Again, you will hear echoes from the past that have yet to be cleansed or healed.

    ~Peace, Love and Sol

  5. Leslie Scales

    I didn’t really hear Jamie Foxx’s comments (I thought he played Klinger on MASH), but CR ROCKS! I love his bit about how “White Man can sell guns, but black rapper SAYS “guns”: Congressional Investigation!! . . . It’s All Right, ‘Cause It’s All White!”

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