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My search for a man I’d sponsored as a boy through a charity is now a documentary

Years ago I traveled to the remote island of West Timor, Indonesia to visit a 9-year-old boy I’d sponsored for 8 years through a major child sponsorship charity. (I’m now sponsoring my 3rd child over 30-years).

It was a magical, joyful, amazing trip where I was welcomed in the most extraordinary way. Once he turned 14 or 15 the support came to an end and the updates from the charity on his life finished.

Years later, curious about what had happened to his life and what kind of man he had become, I decided to travel back and to see if I could retrace my steps and find his village. What happened next was unexpected and the trip turned out to be far more impactful than imagined.

Here’s a rough trailer for the documentary I am making about the journey:

I am running a Kickstarter to cover the costs of editing the documentary, and there are some great incentives in return. Click on this link to view.

The documentary shall be feature length and follows the journey trying to find his village while intercutting with the original magical trip. Then it goes headlong into the search and extraordinary, unexpected events. It shall be stimulating, entertaining and moving, with surprising moments. I don’t want to say too much to ruin the dramatic events. It also takes you into a little-seen part of the world.

Folks have made programs before going to visit children they have sponsored. But the journey of trying to find the adult that was supported as a child and processing all the consequences of that hasn’t to my knowledge been done before. And even then, this was such a unique journey with such an unexpected turn of events.

Here is a clip from my first trip.

The majority of the filming is done but the key thing now is all the post-production, so an editing team needs to be hired through to the film’s delivery. I have been locked in producing and distributing the feature film Neither Wolf Nor Dog, which has had the longest theatrical release in the USA for at least a decade and which has become the most successful non-Hollywood Native American film in years in US cinemas and the most successful self-distributed film in years in the US. So it has taken so much time away from this wonderful film and so this funding finally injects the ability for me to hire support and get it finishes.

Here is the trailer to Neither Wolf Nor Dog.

I have directed 6 feature films and a 13 part TV series so have a lot of experience in delivering quality work.  Neither Wolf Nor Dog has a Rottentomatoes audience score of 4.7/5. That film was made entirely through the support of wonderful Kickstarter folks.


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