Steven Lewis Simpson

My Take on Medical Tourism or How I Spontaneously Got Me Nashers Fixed In Saigon

It was something I’d put off for years. I’ve never been a fan of having too scheduled a life so a simple trip to the dentist two or three days down the line is never something that appealed. That coupled with my living mostly in the US over the last few years and having no desire to be ripped off by a health care system when I am used to the imperfect marvel that is the NHS in the UK. However, there I was walking down a street in Saigon and I decide to pop in to a dentist just to inquire how much it might be to get a couple of broken teeth fixed. Twenty minutes later a detailed free consultation was over as was a full X-ray that cost all of $10 and I found myself sitting in the chair having the beginning of three root canals done commencing what was to be 5 days of appointments. Talk about spontaneous.

The pressure was on. It was a Monday and the last scheduled day was Friday, just before they closed for 10 days for their Tet, New Year holiday. I had researched dental tourism a bit and countries like Hungary and Thailand were well known for it and I’d inquired a few days earlier at one in Malaysia but they couldn’t do things in my time frame. So Saigon it was.

The facility was top notch and the speed of the service was fantastic. The dental assistants would run, not walk, back and forth between rooms and thing were done in a flash. In the end I had three root canals and three high quality crowns made as well as two fillings and an excellent clean done after a total of five hours in the chair over four days. They even finished a day earlier than promised. I knew for Vietnam I had paid well over the odds compared to a local but it was well worth it for the quality of work and the speed. It came to a grand total of $700. I can only imagine what the price would have been anywhere as top notch in Los Angeles.

So my advice if you have some major work to be done and would love to save some money (of course I am talking to American’s here sine the rest of the world don’t get ripped off so much with this stuff) then get yourself to Vietnam. The only downside is that it’s a bit harder to enjoy the greatest food I have yet to experience in the world when your mouth is getting used to new choppers.


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