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Powerful excerpt from Neither Wolf Nor Dog directors notes – Press kit

I just wanted to share the opening of the Directors Statement in the press kit of my Neither Wolf Nor Dog movie now as it’s powerful memories.

Day three. It is the morning and our first big day of filming. We are at Wounded Knee. Hallowed ground in Indian Country. It is the most powerful spot on earth for me and has been so since I first ventured there following a sacred Ghost Shirt’s repatriation in 1999 from a Scottish museum. Filming must wait. And by wait I am not alluding to any mechanic of production. It MUST wait. Prayer comes first. Spoken by our star, Dave Bald Eagle; 95 at the time. I have been through similar ceremonies there many times before and understand the power. For those there for the first time; our star Christopher Sweeney for example will never forget the power of these moments. Dave’s Miniconjou people were the ones massacred here in 1890. Family. He was born only 29 years later.

Standing next to us is Richard Ray Whitman. Another of our stars. Though from Oklahoma, he was in Wounded Knee in 1973 as part of the American Indian Movements (AIM) stand against oppression. They were surrounded for 71 days by 1,500 U.S. Forces. Armored personnel carriers, air force jets and up to half a million bullets fired in. Richard engaged in those fire fights. That occupation was instigated in part by AIM leader Russell Means who was a close friend of mine. His son, Tatanka, an acclaimed actor would turn up a few days later to play a key role. Wounded Knee was at the climax of the novel and movie but also in the core of the spirits of those that made this film. After the ceremony, filming begins. This is not your average movie.

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3 thoughts on “Powerful excerpt from Neither Wolf Nor Dog directors notes – Press kit

  1. Stig Erik Jørgensen

    I sincerely hope and pray for a breakthrough in all your efforts in bringing this film to the audience it needs to move!!!
    Mitakuye Oyasin

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Stig Less than 100 non-studio released films had more admissions than NWND in US cinemas last year so it has been doing very well. The DVD has been for sale for over two and a half years and it hass played hundreds of cinemas and other venues across the US. You can buy it from us at or if you are in Europe many thanks

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