Steven Lewis Simpson

The Rez Bomb Rez tour

Here’s the idea, to invest in projection equipment and tour Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and perhaps beyond setting up commercial screenings of Rez Bomb and building it into as much of a roadshow as possible. The big question is how many people will come along and what can people afford? It won’t be that cheap for me to set up but I’d like to screen it in Cap offices in as many of the communities as possible and not just Pine Ridge village. Places like Manderson, Kyle, Oglala, Wounded Knee, Porcupine, Wamblee. If it does well then to take if further afield to the neighboring reservations and Rapid, Hot Springs. 

Also we would want to do a special screening for the people of Rushville who were also very supportive through the production. I’m looking for people to suggest communities where I’d likely receive an decent size audience and I’ll look to add them to the list. 

Hopefully we can create extra content as we go and maybe even create some kind of online magazine show. Get in touch anyone with ideas and see what we can get going. 

Watch this space.


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