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Truly Humbled by the Films Neither Wolf Nor Dog is Premiering Beside in Germany (The Birth of a Nation)

The best company I have ever been in as a filmmaker was when I was 24 and my first feature film played the very exclusive Hof Film Festival, in Germany. There were about 15 international films including the incredible Once Were Warriors, Muriel’s Wedding, Shallow Grave (Danny Boyle’s debut), Before the Rain, Leon, Exotica, and Dance Me Outside. Hard to find a better line-up from that year and a true honor to be one of the few included.

Well, this year I am thrilled to be back there with Neither Wolf Nor Dog in less than two weeks from now. The company our film is in again is outstanding. There will be 20 or so international films. The Birth of a Nation and Cannes Film Festival hit Paterson, by Jim Jarmush are the main other American films with ours. Wow! Also, Cannes Film Festival winner, I Daniel Blake by the legendary Ken Loach and new films by the likes of Wim Wenders and Werner Hertzog are there.

We have two screenings there so let your friends in Germany know. Also, it is not so far from Prague. Then we will soon be announcing 5 other screenings in a couple of other cities in Germany a couple of weeks later.  Here is their guide:

I hope many of you have checked out the first two clips from the film, that we have included in the Kickstarter presentation. Also, it is the first place to buy the film weeks ahead of release.

Kicksarter presentation and two clips from the film are also in the video below.

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