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I keep seeing these ad’s on TV here in the US warning about the evils of state run medicine and coming up with horror stories of people being treated in Canada or the UK. Well I’m from the UK and can tell you that the entire developed world scratches their collective head and wonders how the USA can be so backward as to not have health care for all. Now the truth is in the UK you don’t just have the state run option, you can also buy private healthcare as you need it or insurance plans and those are much cheaper as the insurance companies know that most of their work is supplemental. If you’re in a car accident then you go to the nearest state run hospital and get taken care of instantly.

Twice I’ve gone to the doctor having got an appointment within a day or so with an insignificant problem of small but enlarged benign cyst’s and on each occasion they said just pop to the hospital now and they’ll operate and cut them off. And this is what happened twice. Now find me somewhere in the private sector that fast, not even a payment form to fill in. Sure there are times years ago when we had a more right wing government that didn’t finance health so well when some people chose to have some proceedure’s privately to speed up the process but even then the supplemental and the cost compared to US health-care was minor.

In Scotland prescription medicine is free for everyone. To think that half of all bankruptcies in the US are due to medical bills is incredible. That someone can in one day discover they have an illness or have an accident and the hard work they’ve put into getting to where they are in life is ruined in a heartbeat. It is insane.

I had a friend who lost the plot a bit and she was put into a psychiatric hospital for four days of observations (she didn’t make this decision) and the bill came to about $21,000. For what? Why so expensive? Thank god she had great insurance and was not poor, that would ruin some people.

When I see these advertisements of manipulation on TV it makes my blood boil. It is propoganda from those who make huge profits out of your health. And the cost to the tax payers would be less and people pay for insurance now. And would GM be in the mess they are in now if they weren’t having to pay so much more to employees than their foreign competetors as they have to cover healthcare benefits when the Germans, French, Italians, Japanese automakers don’t pay a dime towards that.

In Europe the moral issue with healthcare is that everyone should be covered, we don’t vote for ourselves to maintain it but for all of us. The dialogue in the US is so often about what is just best for the individual. But it may not be best for you if you turn ill or have a child born with a major health issue.

I see how fragile many people in the US feel about taking a change of direction in life because with the job they have they have insurance. Quite frankly for a developed nation, it is insane.



  1. Stephanie-nurse

    How much of your overall paycheck is taken away in taxes? Honestly. Tell the truth. How much does the government take to pay for all that healthcare?

    What is the turnover rate in the average hospital for doctors and nurses? How long are their shifts? Are they understaffed because nobody wants the job? Just curious. It is a good measure of how the overall system is doing.

    Finally, it’s interesting to me that your government is in such poor shape right now financially that there might be a no confidance call on the prime minister next week. That really is telling how well the system you have set up to pay your internal bills such as health care is working. I’m not so sure we should be in a hurry to adopt such a plan here.

  2. steve Post author

    The no confidence vote is just politics and UK had strongest economy during early mid 2000’s, didn’t need a revival like the Bush tax cut of 2001/2 but UK is a intl. banking center so badly affected by this mess like other places.

    Basic tax rate in the UK is 20% and high rate 40% but there is no state income tax so would depend on which state you are comparing with here in US to determine whether more or less. But much of the health budget is covered through direct high taxation on things like cigarettes, alcohol, junk food (that is taxed whereas natural food is not) and Gasoline (airborne polu pollutants tants created many problems) so the sources of many of the things that create the burden on the system ends up paying for much of the cost, so healthier more responsible people carry less of the burden.

    Bottom line in our health system we aren’t pouring out huge sums of money to investors and CEO’s so they can make their fortune nor is money being wasted on advertising competing services and plans nor the same level of insurance rates (including liability insurance etc as not the same requirement for it as all are covered). And huge parts of US medical budgets go on dealing with accounts and billing. That is all saved.

    And as for weighting lists? Put 50 million uninsured poor people on the waiting lists here tomorrow and see how long the lists become. Easy to have short lists when people are being charged an arm and a leg for it. Health should be seen as a right to all and a responsibility of an entire society to provide.

    At then end of the day no system is perfect though certainly the French probably have the most enviable system. But morally if someone gets cancer they get treatment no question, or hit by a car or whatever. Sadly dental for adults is no longer free, and I needed an emergency cap one day so got an appointment for the next morning and they gave me the cap for my tooth. They charged. It came to about $18.

    The Queen Mother when she had an accident in my home town went to the same hospital as I did.

    Thanks for the response, it’s amazing how connected in debate we can all become through this gift of combined consciousness that is the internet.

  3. Sonja Teuwen

    This is what we should be seeing on TV advertisements: “Health should be seen as a right to all and a responsibility of an entire society to provide.”

    I don’t know why this is a discussion in the US, as opposed to a given, considering that so many US are ‘Christian’. Isn’t caring for ones neighbour a Christian thing?

    I seldom lose my cool, but the fact that there are people in the World who oppose a system that helps people receive Health Care that they need and deserve, makes me irate!!!!!! It is mean, incredibly mean, to even consider refusing to contribute money to a system that helps people receive basic Health Care. I am sorry, but Health Care is as essential as Free Speech.

    Sometimes I think the world has too many grown up looking people with the brain capacity of a five year old.


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