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Why Johnny Depp spending anything more than a few thousand bucks for Wounded Knee would be a big mistake

A simple dialogue in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK has blown up around Indian Country with Johnny Depp expressing his interest to help out someway to see a good resolution to the Wounded Knee land sale issue.

I’ve written before on the dangers of allowing the landowner to “shake down” Indian Country for a huge sum of money when the land is only worth a few thousand dollars and the tribe had adopted a more aggressive tone which is what I had been advocating. Specifically threatening an eminent domain purchase and more importantly making sure it was clear no business licences would be issued to anyone looking to exploit the land, rendering it relatively valueless in monetary terms.

The issue had more or less died down till this Depp quote. I think the landowner might be thinking Christmas might be coming early this year now this has gone public. The most important thing here is that A. The land is not exploited and B. That landowners don’t see sacred land as a potential cash cow. Look at Bear Butte for example.

I hope that cool heads prevail and that Depp gets good council. Clearly his intentions are very worth while.

I detailed more about the timing of the announcements etc in my more in depth blog here.

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