Steven Lewis Simpson

Working on LA/NY & UK markets at the moment

Right now I’m exploring four-walling the film into LA and New York, which is the reverse of normal release patterns. For me, we now have a story unique enough for the media to get their teeth into and a bigger profile film that can justify the expense of hitting the two main markets now. The whole release started with a spend of less than $1,000 and has been self-funded since then, and about 75,000 admissions later I now have the resources to do things in a more conventional way. In the UK that hard part is having the theatres pay attention to a film that they’ve not heard of. This is what we’ve faced elsewhere but we know that when people hear about the film, a good-sized audience follows. But it is a chicken and egg situation between theatres and the media. I’ll keep you posted on the developments.


One thought on “Working on LA/NY & UK markets at the moment

  1. James Shearer


    My stepson is trying to get into acting. Do you have any advice for him. His mother is from Pine Ridge, Allen SD. He is really interested in doing Native movies.


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