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Phil Holland is the most knowledgeable person I know on camera tech, and he literally writes the tech guides for the likes of RED. I’ve never had more fun and difficulty trying to keep up with a conversation about technical camera processes than I used to have with Phil. Here are some amazing tools he created that can help with many camera-related things. This is a link to his page and I’ve pasted in all of his links below.

Also, follow him on Instagram if you want to see some great rigs and what is on the cutting edge.

Web Based Tools
My advanced Data Rate Calculator supporting native RAW Codecs, Uncompressed DPX, as well as Intermediate Codes like Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR.
Compares two user selected formats useful for understanding crop factors and framing considerations. You can also enter lens focal lengths for approximate calculated HFOV.
This powerful tool creates user defineable framing guides as transparent PNGs that you can overlay over your footage, images, photographs, and even supported monitoring paths.
This tool that will provide valid resolutions for common or custom aspect ratios and constrain them within the two major delivery aspect ratio containers, DCI and 16×9.
Calculates the THX and PHFX Optimal Viewing Distance for a given display size and generates a Window Effect Rating.
Generates a useful Datasheets for DSMC and DSMC2 style RED Cameras.
Generates a Datasheet for a specific RED camera model with information about every Format and Resolution.
Generates Datasheets for a selected lens set that provides lens specs as well as Format Coverage for RED Cameras.
Resolution and Print Size Calculator.
Cinematography and Camera Tools
Cine Filter Crate
Rugged and well thought out filter cases for 4×5.65″ filters.
A single rod clamp designed uniquely for RED DSMC2 camera bodies.
Downloads and Software
Digital Stocks for RED Cameras for the new IPP2 Color Workflow.
Adobe Premiere Pro – RED Sequence Presets
Adobe Premiere Pro CC Sequence Presets for RED DSMC2 and DSMC Digital Cinema Cameras.
Reference Graphics, Datasheets, and Charts
Phil’s Sensor Chart
My popular Sensor Chart covering film and modern digital cinema formats.
4K Delivery Briefing and Lens Compatibility 2019 – For RED and ARRI
With 4K Delivery growing rapidly in adoption I’ve created a basic document covering the unique differences between the RED and ARRI ecosystems as well as informing you about what lenses work in capturing and deliverying 4K with both camera systems.
RED DSMC2 Sensor Technology And Film
A sensor chart that shows DSMC2 RED Dragon and Helium Sensor Sizes as well as common motion picture film formats.
RED – IPP2 Introduction
A quick one sheet explaining RED’s new Image Processing Pipeline 2 workflow and benefits.
RED DSMC2 Camera Lineup – 2018 Edition
A one sheet listing and comparing features for all current RED DSMC2 camera bodies.
RED DSMC2 Camera Lineup – 2017 Edition
A one sheet listing and comparing features for all 2016/2017 RED DSMC2 camera bodies.
RED Dragon Sensor Chart
A sensor chart focused on the RED DSMC2 and Panavision Millennium DXL camera bodies with the Dragon Sensor showing up to 8K resolution and format sizes with relevant film formats as well.
DP Ref Sheet
A useful “Cheat Sheet” for Aperture, Shutter Speeds, ND Filter Densities, and Flicker Free Shutter Speeds for 60 and 50 Hz.
RED DSMC2 ND Filter Notes
ND Filter Recommendations for RED DSMC2 Cameras.