Steven Lewis Simpson

Less than 100 non-studio released movies had more admissions than my self-distributed movie in US cinemas last year.

It’s an amazing thing to see but I was just going through the 2019 Box Office results of Box Office Mojo and when stripping out the major releases from all the studio scale distributors, and the event showings of performances and docs, just under 100 movies had more admissions than the well over 100,000 admissions I’ve had with my movie Neither Wolf Nor Dog. It’s amazing since I self-distributed it – and I mean for real, not hiring a booker and publicist (other than for LA near the end). Everything was done in-house from DCP creation, duplication, and delivery, through to marketing and PR. It was a massive amount of work but it meant walking away with 50% of every ticket in most cases, and not walking away with nothing after the distributor’s expenses and then fees off the top.

I’ve released myself into cinemas in 3 other countries so far. I chat about some of it below and in great detail in my up-coming Ultimate indie Film masterclass (click the link below and my TEDx Talk on the subject is there too). But needless to say, it is a lot of work. And it is all about targeting your audience, and not paying attention to how the industry does it.

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