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Chief Oliver Red Cloud's Passing & the Passing of too many other Participants in my Documentary A Thunder-Being Nation

Oliver Red Cloud has just walked on at the grand old age of 93. He is the latest participant in my feature documentary A Thunder-Being Nation about Pine Ridge Indian Reservation who has passed on since I started filming it back in 1999. Thankfully many were a good age like Russell Loud Hawk (mid 80’s), Claudia Iron Hawk (80), Johnson Holy Rock (mid 90’s) but one thing that is striking about visiting a cemetery on Pine Ridge is that you see on grave stones in the past so many people dying in old age like this but more recently many more dying in middle age with very little in between.

Of our participants the delightful Harvey White Woman only lived to 44. Others around the project made it to mid 50’s. In fact the only person in the documentary so far that has passed on of an age between mid 50’s and 80’s was my dear friend Russell Means who we very sadly lost last year at 72 after an extraordinary fight with cancer.

Nothing shows to me the decline in the quality of life on Pine Ridge in the last few decades than the fact that so many people now are struggling to survive beyond middle age. Some of the reasons for this are explored in A Thunder-Being Nation. I am very honored and proud to have been able to document so many of their stories in the documentary while they walked among us. In the 10 hours of extra features of the Ultimate Edition DVD there are full interviews of many of these people who had passed on. It’s there as a constant resource for those of you who want to find out more.

Our DVD’s are available at amazon or where you can save 15% using the coupon code Blog15 to save 15% or Blog20 to save 20% when spending $60 or more. The closer we get to recovering our costs on our films the quicker we can start looking to invest more in other projects in Indian Country although it’s an uphill battle finding an audience (as discussed in my previous post).

It can also be watched on demand here


In depth promo about the doc

Excerpt of the work in progress on housing.

An early promo for the project


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