Steven Lewis Simpson


You know there’s been a lot of talk in the news shows, Rick Sanchez on CNN and O’Reilly on Fox for example about difference or similarity on how the killer of Tiller or the recruiters shooter or the holocaust memorial killer or your good old extremist terrorist about who should be called terrorists and ho enemy combatants and who criminals?

O’Reilly is furious at potential moves (whether real of fictional) to call enemy combatants criminals but to me that’s exactly how they should be described as it removes legitimacy from them. They love hearing the USA say they are at war with them, if it was a police action dealing with them that would make them sound weaker.

Margaret Thatcher in her day was very insistent that the IRA be treated as criminals and not given political status as that gave them fuel.

Though if you want to throw the word terrorist around then really use it to mean anyone who spreads terror to further their ideology whether it blowing up a plane or cluster bombing a village like the USA and Israel have done recently.


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