Steven Lewis Simpson



COMES BACK – A three hour audio book narration by film-maker Steven Lewis Simpson, director of Neither Wolf Nor Dog, The Hub, A Thunder-Being Nation and Rez Bomb charting his 13 year journey so far into Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that started with the following of a Ghost Shirt from the Wounded Knee Massacre being repatriated from a Scottish museum to Wounded Knee and has recently resulted in the completion of an epic documentary about Pine Ridge. Along the way he has had an extraordinary journey that saw him through twists in fate within his first three hours on the reservation being taken around the Wounded Knee Massacre site, visiting the Camp Justice protest site and winding up at the house of Russell Means, one of the leaders of the American Indian Movement. Since then it has been forever blossoming.

In his narration Simpson takes you into the heart of many rich and unique experiences that also included shooting a feature film on the reservation and currently includes setting up a new feature film based on the acclaimed Lakota Country novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn.

Most importantly Simpson takes you through the most impactful journey of his life.

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