Steven Lewis Simpson


High concept features:

A WMD is unwittingly smuggled from Siberia by a King Crab fisherman from a small Alaskan Island. His client kills him but is unknowingly witnessed and arrested. Awaiting trial he gives his terrorist overlords the ultimatum that if they want their WMD then they must kill the unidentified witnesses from the island before trial so he can be released. So a Hitman is hired to kill all the occupants of the island in less time than it takes for the police to fly there from the nearest mainland to stop him.

A big budget US remake of our British low-budget thriller.

A potential new “Bourne” type franchise. An intelligent thriller based around an eco warrior who is thought to be dead to the world including the secret intelligence agency that mistake him for their own deep cover agent.

An adaptation of the novel MacBeth the King. A big budget, highly entertaining swashbuckler perfectly hitting the high end escapism sought at the moment, with vikings, long-ship battles and great love-story at its core. Based on the true history not Shakespeare.

King Malcolm the Destroyer wishes to secure his favored grandson Duncan’s line to the throne by killing his grandson’s MacBeth, his half-brother, the viking Thorfinn Raven Feeder as well as his grand-niece Lady Gruoch whose child is the next rightful heir (she becomes Lady MacBeth within the narrative).